Weddings and parties

You can organize a memorable party in Katajistonranta, in the unique Aulanko area by the Lake Vanajavesi. 

The cultural historical area close to nature creates a wonderful setting for weddings and other events throughout the year. Wether it’s a wedding, a small family party, a larger event or a memorial service, Katajistonranta has the suitable facilities.

Facilities for all the occasions in your life

The Manor house in Katajistonranta is suitable for max. 90 persons, but thanks to the easily transforming facilities, even smaller parties get an intimate atmosphere.  The Event Barn is suitable for a wide variety of occasions. The barn has tables and chairs for 100 persons and a large covered terrace for 100 persons. For a smaller group there is also the Lasiranta sauna (max 20 persons) by the Lake Vanajavesi.
Below you can find out more about our facilities and you are warmly welcome to visit the site at a time agreed in advance.

Services according to your wishes

Your privacy is guaranteed – the premises are always rented for only one group at a time. Serving are taken care of by our catering partners. We don’t have alcohol license, so your own alcohol beverages are allowed.

At the heart of our business is a satisfied customer and we are happy to assist you arranging your event. Our experience in event industry has helped us to create a comprehensive network of high-quality and reliable partners, which we recommend to your event.

Contact us:
p. 044 491 0076 (on weekdays 10-16)

Please note that due to the nature of our work we don’t always have access to the phone. Leave a message or send e-mail and we’ll get back to you!

Our catering partners at weddings:

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Programme services:

Welcome to Katajistonranta!

Weddings and parties at Mansion house

Book a atmospheric winter wedding or traditional summer wedding in Katajistonranta manor house in Aulanko.

The old manor house built in the 1830s offers a beautiful venue in the historic landscapes of Aulanko. The manor is located on the shore of the Lake Vanajavesi and is surrounded by the Aulanko Nature Reserve and a golf course.

We recommend the manor house for events up to 90 persons. If you want space for the dance floor, in this case it is recommended to have smaller number of guests or you can book the Event barn with a stage and plenty of room for dancing. The terrace area in the backyard of the manor offers extra space for parties and the park area allows also on-site marriage ceremony.

The manor has a kitchen renovated in 2017, which is ideal for catering as a heating kitchen. You can use our spacious refrigerator and separate fridge for beverages. The manor house doesn’t have alcohol license, so your own alcohol beverages are allowed. You can book dishes and table cloths either from us or from the catering.

Your privacy is important to us – the premises are always rented for only one group at a time.

Take a look at the pictures attached and you are also warmly welcome to visit the site!

  • Arrival of the bride and groom by church boat or a horse.
  • Yard games at the park for children and child-minded.
  • Stylish casino game table with a dealer and chips.
  • Karaoke or DJ

Weddings and parties in the Event barn

The Katajistonranta Event Barn is suitable for a widw range of events.
At the barn you can arrange weddings, parties, seminars or small concerts and the barn with it’s yard also serves as a competition center for various sport events in the Aulanko area.

We recommend the barn for events up to 100 persons (depending on the nature of event and the table form 50-120 persons). The large covered terrace provides extra space for about 50 persons. The barn’s front yard terrace also has seating for 30-50 persons.

In the other side of the barn’s yard you’ll find new modern toilets built in 2019.
The barn has a fridge for beverages and a refrigerator.
Tables and chairs are for about 100 persons.
Stage for band or performers.
The barn, the yard and toilets are accessible.

We can also arrange lighting for your events, as well as high-quality sound system, performers and programme services – according to your wishes!

The Event barn is open for summer use.

Feel free to contact us!

  • Yard games suitable for barn milieu, like milking competition, nailing competition, pig feeding (throwing game), throwing digging fork on haystacks, etc.
  • Wild wild west – themed activities
  • Line dancing
  • DJ or karaoke
  • Hosted Pop up bingo
  • LaserScreenShooting from a large screen
  • Stylish Casino game tables with a dealer and chips